Working with local Head Teachers

Selaine Saxby MP for North Devon and former teacher has spoken to Head Teachers about their concern about the way A level results have been moderated.  Both Ilfracombe and West Buckland will be appealing the results for entire subjects that they feel the results are completely unjustified and Petroc will be appealing every result for their entire cohort. In conversation with Ms Saxby the School heads all reported that University’s have been very helpful to students who have not received the grades that they were hoping for and if they haven’t accepted them straight away they are holding the places awaiting appeal.

North Devon MP Selaine Saxby says:

“This is an incredibly difficult time for students and there is an understandable feeling that this these results are unfair. In many cases that I have seen some of the grading is quite frankly just unacceptable, yet we must remember that last year, nationally, 79% of students did not meet their predicted grades. I have written to the Department of Education and asked that the appeals process be swift, that they work with schools and in particular sixth form colleges who have seen particularly harsh gradings. It is essential that anyone wishing to sit their exams are not charged. Despite all of these problems and the unprecedented situation that all pupils and students have been through over the last few months, I must give my heartfelt congratulations to all as the results have been very good. It is a testament to the hard work of all involved that we still have a good number of North Devon students heading off to University in September.”

Any student or parent concerned about their results should speak to their school about the appeals process and their first choice of University who may well be able to offer them an automatic place accordingly.