Benefitting from the green economy

My Plan for North Devon 2024 onwards:

Champion North Devon’s unique environment and ensure it is protected alongside our tourism economy as well as positioning North Devon so that it is well placed to optimise investment from new green industries.


A recap on my 2019 priorities:

Protect our Environment

We should be very proud of our local environmental successes and there has been significant government grants and investment, particularly into the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, much of the work has been done by individuals and individual groups. The passion I have for the environment is more than matched by the love shown for North Devon by its residents. I am on the advisory board of the Conservative Environment Network, the largest parliamentary caucus and continue to champion our precious environment.

beach clean


Net Zero

Let me be clear. I am disappointed by the way and timing these changes were announced and indeed many of the changes full stop.

Community Energy

The Government has made great strides on the path to Net Zero by 2050, and is investing more and more in renewable energy sources. Since I have been elected, I have been working to bring the benefits and opportunities of the growing renewable energy industry to the south west and North Devon.

Sewage Statement

Ever since the cold snap early December, I am sure we have all recognised how mild the weather has been and how much rain has come down.  Indeed almost a normal month’s rainfall came down in the second half of December, and with this comes sustained pressure on our sewage systems.  When the syste

Call to ban Disposable BBQs

The call from Selaine Saxby, MP for North Devon, comes alongside Keep Britain Tidy’s summer campaign, #BanTheFlamingThings, to address three forms of litter that pose fire and safety risks to people and our natural environment; disposable single-use BBQs, sky lanterns and littered glass.