Farming Survey

I recognise that  in such a large, rural constituency how hard it is to meet all of North Devon’s fabulous farmers, and my apologies if our paths have not yet crossed.  I was however very keen to hear your views on farming, fresh from supporting Back British Farming Day in Westminster and having met with the Rural Payments Agency here in North Devon.

I know farming brings multiple challenges, and that the current economic and geopolitical climate has been particularly difficult.  This is why I have launched this survey to capture your views on farming. 

I have also met with National Grid recently who are working to improve grid connectivity for farmers, and am aware some farmers were unable to connect solar panels to the grid.  If you were one of these and would like the opportunity to connect with National Grid, who may now be able to provide connections as the queue is being improved, please again do email my office:


Farming Survey

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