Coronavirus: Support for Individuals and Communities

Updated 25th June 2020, 10:02. For the latest medical advice, visit

Here we share advice and information needed for individuals who need support from others. We also answer a some frequently asked questions below:

If you feel you are vulnerable and need emergency help, Devon County Council can be contacted on their hotline: 0345 155 1011

In response to concerns regarding the welfare of care workers, Selaine said:

I want to first express my gratitude to care workers for the incredible way in which they are doing a very difficult job. We all owe keyworkers a debt of gratitude and I agree that we must recognise their efforts appropriately.

Once we have beaten Coronavirus, we will all have to reassess the way we do things and ensure that the social care sector is put on a stable footing for the foreseeable future. The Government is committed to cross-party talks on the future of social care, and these talks will be wide-ranging and include issues such as pay.

In the meantime, I have been working to ensure that care homes have the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they need. The distribution of PPE is a challenge of huge proportions and any care home having difficulties can contact me and I will do my best to resolve them. The Government is doing everything it can and I am in constant contact with Ministers to ensure that PPE gets where it needs to be. Devon has sufficient supplies of PPE and I am working to make sure it stays that way. There is a new national PPE helpline available to those who need PPE here: 0191 283 6543 or email Anyone having difficulties can also use this facility set up by a local company, Applegate:

If you know of somewhere still struggling to get PPE, please do email me and I will escalate it and ensure that this is delivered as soon as possible. The Government is doing everything it can to get supplies to the right places but it is an enormous challenge.