Housing, Communities and Local Government


Selaine's response:

I completely agree that we need to end homelessness, and I have been encouraged by the figures for 2019 which showed a 9% drop in the number of people sleeping rough. I think this shows that we are moving in the right direction, although there is of course much more to be done.

The Prime Minister recently announced a further £236 million toward Housing First style accommodation for up to 6,000 rough sleepers. This is on top of £437 million already committed for 2020-21 to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping in our communities.

The Government has recently announced an additional £360,000 for North Devon to reduce the levels of homelessness, and to support the brilliant schemes we have in our area. I was delighted to visit the Freedom Centre in Barnstaple in February, and to see for myself what needs to be done to rehouse the homeless.

I assure you that I will do all I can to eliminate homelessness, and I will continue to work with Ministers, charities and our council to ensure the right support is in place.

March 2020

Support for Pubs

Selaine's response:

I have signed a letter to the Chancellor calling on the Government to cut beer tax at the Budget. With £1 in every £3 pounds spent in UK pubs going to the taxman, British drinkers now pay 40% of all beer tax across the EU, but drink only 12% of the beer. Seven in ten alcoholic drinks served in pubs are beer, underlining how directly a cut in beer duty will help pubs. Brewing and pubs in North Devon supports 1,759 jobs and contributes £41.0m to the local economy!

Pubs are at the heart of our communities across North Devon, but with three British pubs closing their doors for good every day the Government should consider a cut to beer tax.

I am fully aware of the many cases we have in North Devon where villages have lost their pubs completely, and I believe this campaign can help support the remaining 139 pubs which are central to rural life.

February 2020

Social Housing

Selaine's response:

I agree that more funding is needed to build social housing and that barriers to development must be addressed. The £9 billion Affordable Homes programme will help deliver more affordable housing and socially rented homes.

However, funding alone will not solve the problem, which is why I welcome action to make the development system simpler and more robust. A new Housing Infrastructure Fund will be established to unlock more homes by putting in place vital infrastructure in high-demand areas.

Waiting lists for social housing increased 73 per cent in the past, rising from just over a million households in 1997 to almost two million households by 2009. I am encouraged that social housing waiting lists have declined by 34 per cent since then to 1,200,000 households. There is still much more for us to do, but we are moving in the right direction.

I agree that more needs to be done to improve housebuilding, which is why I welcome that the recent Spending Review promised continued support through Help to Buy loans and other housing programmes to deliver more homes where people need them.

February 2020